Rethinking the Customer Press Release: How to Make It a Win-Win

Public relations is the art of securing trust at scale. And one of the best tactics for B2B brands to achieve this is the customer press release.

A customer press release helps a brand in a number of ways:

  • It provides third-party verification that your product claims are valid;
  • It articulates your product’s use case in a compelling, relatable format; and
  • It borrows your customer’s brand authority to enhance your own.

These benefits are especially valuable at a time when customer validation is becoming increasingly important. In a media environment where journalists are outnumbered by PR people six to one, many reporters and editors today simply won’t look at your pitch if you can’t offer up a customer to interview.

Meanwhile, the use of B2B review sites has exploded over the past three years, with many potential buyers refusing to make a purchase before seeing what your customers have to say. Surveys show that buyers trust customer references far more than virtually any other form of brand marketing.

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