Slator Design Thinking Webinar | Video On Demand

Slator Design Thinking Webinar | Video On Demand

Learn how to collaborate and innovate better through Slator Design Thinking webinar

Slator invites you to watch the On Demand Video of the webinar s delivered to Slator’s audience on June 25, 2020 by Chris Elkin, Founder of Doodle Brands.

This Workshop is ideal for:

  • Small and medium LSP owners and large LSP business unit managers
  • Client service managers and front-line teams
  • Operations directors, managers and team leaders
  • Production and project managers and teams
  • Corporate localization and vendor managers and teams

Why Design Thinking Innovation? In a rapidly-changing post-covid world, people in all types of organizations need to understand how to innovate better together, in-person and remotely. Contrary to popular belief, better problem framing, solving and collaboration (i.e. innovation!) is often not the result of random lightning strikes, but rather the practice of the right human-centered mindsets, methods and tools, taken from the designer’s toolkit.

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