Veptas and Flueid Software Corp. Announce Collaboration to Transform Loan Servicing With Artificial Intelligence Mortgage Platform

The mortgage industry is facing unprecedented challenges which require leveraging data & artificial intelligence (AI) to proactively deliver knowledge-based solutions efficiently and cost-effectively within today’s marketplace.

Press Release

updated: Apr 8, 2020

Veptas, the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence in the mortgage analytics field, and Flueid Software Corp., today announced a collaboration to harness the power of AiCurio from Veptas with TitleCheck. TitleCheck analyzes possible property and consumer title underwriting issues to immediately provide an accurate clear-to-close decision. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, AiCurio is the world’s most accurate mortgage portfolio analytical platform delivering portfolio analysis that predicts with 96 percent accuracy which mortgages in a loan portfolio will experience prepay, delinquency, default, and losses as well as which loans should be targeted by marketing. TitleCheck, provides an underwriter-backed clear-to-close decision in seconds, significantly accelerating the ability of mortgage lenders to laser-focus on loans within their portfolio that can potentially be refinanced while delivering significant cost savings.

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